Crawlspace Encapsulation

The “Healthy Home” Crawl space Solution is the most comprehensive, energy efficient crawl space solution on the market today! It addresses all the issues that plague unhealthy crawl spaces. At Basement Authorities NH, we believe that your crawl spaces should be treated like every other room in your house:

  • They should be free of standing water
  • The outside earth should be isolated from the living space
  • They should be free of insects and pests
  • They should not smell musty
  • Unconditioned outside air should be sealed out
  • The walls should be insulated
  • The air should be conditioned and dehumidified

Four Simple Steps

  • Eliminate Standing Water
  • Encapsulate Crawl space Floor and Walls
  • Seal Off Outside Air
  • Dehumidification

Once your “Healthy Home” Crawl space Solution is complete, your crawl space will become livable, clean, healthy inside space! This will keep the whole house more comfortable and cut down on energy costs. Once the “Healthy Home” Crawl space Solution has been installed, your heating and cooling systems will not need to work so hard, and your energy savings will start immediately!