Drainage & Sump Pumps

How Do I Know If I Need Drainage, and How Do I Choose The Right System for ME & NH?
Typically, when you have water coming up from under the floor or from a floor/wall joint (sometimes referred to as the “cove joint”), some type of drainage system may be necessary. Below is a list of some alternatives that are available to you.

Exterior Drainage

  • sump pumpMost of the work is performed outside of the home
  • Will meet most code requirements
  • Will typically be the most expensive and disruptive repair option  available

Interior Subsurface Drainage

  • Most of the work is performed on the inside of the home
  • Depending on the system used, and city or village ordinances,    system   may or may not meet code requirements
  • Can be very efficient and cost effective
  • Must be VERY CAREFUL to make sure the correct system is being installed
  • Many options to choose from!

Baseboard Drainage

  • Work is performed inside the home
  • Cost effective
  • Great for monolithic foundations (floor and footing are one piece)
  • May not help humidity issues or help with water coming up from under the   floor

Each one of these options can be effective under the right conditions and proper application. It is critical to properly analyze your situation to determine which method is best for you and your budget! Even the smallest amount of water infiltration can become a larger problem down the road if not handled properly from the beginning.
Our recommendation? “Leave it to Basement Authorities in ME & NH!”

When considering a drainage system: It is important to remember that the Pump is the heart of the system, and just like the old saying “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, a drainage system is only as strong as the pump!