Foundation Repair in ME & NH

Foundation Repair problemsMany homeowners in ME & NH are unaware of the fact that structural foundation issues may be affecting their home! Typically, most homeowners are not even aware that a foundation problem may exist until they notice some of the warning signs that become apparent upstairs. Homeowners will start to notice cracks in drywall, doors or windows that are difficult to open or close, or sagging floors.

Often times, people will try to solve these problems by attempting “patch-work” and “band-aid” type repairs. Even some contractors, who are not specifically trained in this area, often recommend these types of ineffective repairs! These temporary repairs do not address the root cause of the problem! Without a certified, trained expert to analyze and address these complex issues, your home could be in significant danger.

When a structural foundation problem does become apparent, it is usually in one of two forms:

1. Your home may be sinking or settling. The simple reason for this is that the ground under the home cannot support the structure above.

2. Your foundation walls may be bowing, and there can be several reasons for this. The key is to determine which type of issue is occurring, and then take the proper measures to correct the problem, permanently!

Crack Repair

Carbon Fiber

Wall Bracing

Helical Piering


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