Green Plan

Green PlanRecycled Content Products:
Recycled content products will be used whenever possible

Environmentally preferable:
We use email whenever possible to bill our customers, and encourage our vendors to use the same method to contact us in order to cut down and eliminate unnecessary paper use. Our brochures and business cards are printed with vegetable based inks.

Electronic Product Environmental assessment Tool Products:
We use Dell Energy Efficient Designed Optiplex Desktop computers in our office, and recycle all ink cartridges from our printer.

Water Efficient Products:
We are equipped with a high efficiency toilet. Our landscape irrigation uses timers whenever possible.

Reduction of Waste:
We reduce waste whenever possible by composting yard and garden waste from our landscaping services. We use email to contact our customers whenever possible, thus reducing paper waste. Employees are encouraged to bring their own cups and mugs to refill rather than purchase a new container each time beverages are desired. We endeavor to use paper waste container bags rather than plastic whenever possible.

Reuse of Equipment, supplies and other products:
The note paper we use in the office is copier paper previously been used for something else. It is cut into quarters and we use the back of the paper to write our notes on. We encourage our employees to use email whenever possible to eliminate paper waste. Old and unwearable uniforms are reused as cleaning rags when we perform equipment maintenance. All waste products are separated and recycled when taken to the transfer station.

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