Healthy Home Dehumidification

Is your home protecting you and your family?

DehumidifiersReducing the humidity levels and controlling the air quality in your basement or crawl space can make your home smell and feel much cleaner. Give your family the comfort you deserve by installing a Santa Fe de-humidification system in your home today!

  • Energy Star Listed – Just Pennies a Day to Operate!
  • Low Temp Operation – Operates efficiently regardless of cool    crawl space   temperatures!
  • Large Capacity – Keeps your entire home dry and comfortable,    unlike   those small, standard store-bought dehumidifiers!
  • Condensate Tube – No sloppy tank to empty every day!
  • MERV-11 Filtration – Traps even the tiniest of particles!

Why Invest in a Professional Grade Dehumidification System in ME & NH?

  • Stops dangerous mold growth that causes increased allergy and    asthma   symptoms, as well as other respiratory problems!
  • Eliminates musty smell and odors!
  • Kills dust mites and other indoor allergens!